Are you trying to find the best pair of prescription swimming goggles due to difficulty looking clearly in the water due to shortsightedness or farsight? It can be difficult and complicated to choose the best pair of prescription eyewear. Your face size, shape, and how you wear the goggles will all be factors. To suit your various needs, Swimfun provides a variety of goggles. We also provide a simple return policy. You don’t have the luxury of trying the things before purchasing because your internet purchase can allow you to have many more options on the products.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Goggles?

The first step is to determine the primary purpose of your swimming goggles.

– Is it for training, racing, or recreation?

– Is it for swimming indoors or outdoors?

– Is it for swimming or diving in a low light environment or bright light indoor environment or outdoor?

Serious swimmers and lap swimmers typically choose a racing style goggles and select low-profile frames or “racing” in the model name.

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The designs of recreational models are more stylish, which may attract swimmers who rarely do lap swimming and exercise more. 

We provide goggles with various lenses so you may swim in various environments. The goals are to protect your eyes and have the best visibility possible. We provide mirrored lenses, polarised lenses, colored lenses, and clear lenses.

In low-light conditions such as indoor pools, clear, amber, or light blue tinted lenses are better choices. They provide maximum visibility.

Mirrored lenses reduce brightness and offer glare protection—ideal for an outdoor swim and some indoor swimming.

Polarized lenses are designed to filter intense glare caused by light reflecting off flat, open water surfaces—they are suitable for overcast outdoor swimming days.

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