It is possible to have prescription swim goggles and diving masks like prescription glasses.

For exact prescription lenses, it needs to consider several factors. There are two main pieces of information in a prescription:

  1. The main part is Sphere value (or Sph). They are negative for shortsighted eyes and positive for farsighted eyes.

2. The secondary part of the information is the Cylinder (or Cyl) value. It is to indicate your astigmatism.
Due to the flexibility of the swim goggle frame, it is not easy to include cylinder value into the consideration of lens power as Cylinder is related to a certain angle.

The main solution currently for prescription goggles is to have corrective lenses. They are all premade. The diopters or step diopters are used to determine varied lens power.

Why have corrective lens swimming goggles?

The corrective lens swimming goggles will fit most swimmers comfortably and allow for clear vision in the water. It has made ordering prescription goggles quick and affordable. In addition, it makes it possible to buy this kind of goggles or masks online without face-to-face checking.

Custom-made prescription goggles usually take one to two weeks to make. In comparison, the price of custom-made prescription swimming goggles could be up to 10 times higher. 

Due to the water’s blurry environment and reflection, corrective prescription goggles and diving masks are normally manufactured as -1.5, -2.0, -2.5, -3.0, and so on. Lenses are in increments of 0.5. There are no -1.25, -1.75, -2.25, etc. Because it will be hard to feel the difference for -0.25 diopter in the water environment. Premade lens powers are enough to meet your needs.


The swimming goggles with corrective lenses will function like your prescription glasses if you don’t have any astigmatism. The corrective lenses would still suit you well if you have low astigmatism, such as a cylinder value of less than 2.00. We recommend you first consult your optometrist or eye doctor before making a purchase if you have high astigmatism. As you wear prescription glasses, corrective lens goggles can still be an option, although they might not provide the best results. The reason to consider having a pair of these goggles is its low cost. How much it will be helpful to you and whether it will meet your need to swim or dive can only be judged after you wear the goggles. Again, asking your optometrist or eye doctor’s opinions before purchasing will be wise.

At Swimfun, we currently only cover shortsighted swim goggles and dive masks. All orders will be processed within 24 to 48 hours and shipped out via the Post Office.

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