Prescription Diving Mask

Our prescription snorkeling masks with corrective lenses provide an economic and fast way for you to see clearly in the water. You don’t need to consider wearing contact lens in the water now. With our products, you will spend less than $100NZ to have prescription masks. Therefore why not use our products to enjoy seeing colourful fish and coral?

For myopia, the diopters we carry in stocks are ranged from -1.5 to -10.0. In addition, we introduced masks for farsighted. It is ranged from +1.0 to +4.5. Please refer to D6F.

For those who have regular snorkeling and diving, our tempered glass lenses are not easy to be scratched. They can last longer.

Our Gopro masks provide your needs to fix your camera so that you can enjoy taking videos and photos in the water.

We provide an easy way for you to place your order. If you don’t know how to choose the correct diopters, please simply choose the option “Prescription” or “Different”, then leave your prescription details at the Note area. We will look after from then. Alternatively you can send your prescription to for a recommendation.

We do support different diopters for your right and left eyes. If you have this need, please do the same as above to choose option “Prescription” or “Different” and leave your right and left diopter details at Customer Note area.

Our current products all have discounted prices. The discount is up to 50%. They are the final prices including the prescription lenses. We provide free shipping for all orders from New Zealand.