We at Swimfun continue to bring the best products. New prescription swimming goggles that we developed are currently in stock. To provide our customers with a clear picture of our new goggles, we have listed the details below. The purpose of purchasing new goggles is to maintain quality while also satisfying various swimming needs. The below table is some of the features.

Part Number NS1C NS1B NS2G NS2B
Frame Size Normal Normal Large Large
Lenses Clear Light Blue Tinted Golden Colour Mirrored Navy Blue Colour Mirrored
Swim Environment Indoor Indoor & Outdoor Outdoor or Indoor with Bright Light Outdoor or Indoor with Bright Light
Purpose of Swim Training & Racing Training & Racing Recreation Recreation
Product Photo NS1C-Clear lens Prescription Swimming Goggles NS1B-Blue tinted Prescription Swimming Goggles prescription goggles NS2B- Prescription Large Frame Swimming Goggles with Blue lenses

Swimming goggles are available in a variety of designs. One design of goggles won’t be able to fit all sorts of faces and meet all needs. One pair of goggles might be perfect for Asians but not for Europeans. Swimming also has a variety of requirements. The consideration when introducing the new products are:

The shapes: we don’t seek fashionable forms, but more about whether they fit. The goggles we introduced have been sold all over the world, in Asia, the Middle East and America and Europe etc. The feedbacks are very positive.

The sizes: The first two, NS1C and NS1B, have the exact dimensions. They have standard sizes and are more for training and racing. The last two, NS2G and NS2B have large frames. They are more suitable for the outdoors. Because they cover more areas of your eyes and face, in addition, mirrored lenses, it will sufficiently protect your eyes from UV radiation.

The lenses: The lenses we have are clear colour, light colour tinted, to mirrored with Golden or Navy Blue colour.

• Clear lens is designed for swimming in an environment with low light, and overcast conditions where maximum visibility is required. It is suitable for indoor use. Our goggles are NS1C –  https://swimfun.co.nz/product/prescription-swimming-goggles-with-adjustable-nosebridge/

• Blue colour is designed to allow a moderate level of light into the eye but maintains protection from glare in bright conditions. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Our goggle NS1B has a light-blue-tinted lens. It not only holds a significant amount of visibility but also keeps certain glares away and protects your eyes. For this goggle, we have lens power up to -10.0. Please refer to:


• Mirrored is designed to reduce brightness and glare with a mirrored coating applied to the tinted lens. It is suitable for outdoor use. Our new goggles are NS2G and NS2B. Golden and Blue colour mirrored lenses are excellent choices to filter solid artificial lights and are good at UV protection. Please refer to:


The material: We use high-quality materials. The gaskets and straps are all silicone. They are soft and durable and make them comfortable to wear. In addition, the nose bridges are easy to be adjusted and will not hurt your noses.

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